The Bard's Tale ARPG Glitches on Nintendo Switch

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I recently bought The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled on the Nintendo eShop for my Switch shortly before Christmas 2021. I've thoroughly enjoyed reliving some of my fondest memories of playing this game on the PS2 when it originally released years ago. It's easily one of my favorite console games ever! :D

While I understand that this is a port of a nearly 20-year-old game --and that there will understandably be some unintended bugs here or there-- I'm encountering an increasing number of frustrating and distracting glitches as I progress through the second half of the game. For perspective, I've reached Chapter X before feeling the need to seek help here.

Firstly, I've encountered several bugs already reported here, such as several cases of the dialogue getting stuck and needing to be skipped, the Nuckelavee getting hung up on both friendly monsters and my summons during the cutscene where Bodb dies, and Hrafn not returning to his chamber and leaving with the Valkyrie after reaching 25 kills (I managed to clear the entire area map alongside him and he had over 100 counted kills!). Reloading an earlier save typically fixed these issues, though. Consequently, they served as a reminder to SAVE OFTEN.

Unfortunately, as I proceeded through Chapter VIII, Dounby, and into Chapter X, Greenlands, I increasingly encountered enemies who would not die despite taking hundreds of points of damage. Sometimes it would be just one or a few enemies in the area while other times it would be every enemy. I observed this in the streets of West Dounby, both secret map locations west of Dounby, overworld enemy encounters west of Dounby, and finally in the meeting with the Druids in the Greenlands where you encounter Fionnaoch's "Pet". In that fight the health of the Pet dropped to nearly zero instantly but I could not damage it again by any means.

What's more, during those times when I cannot kill any enemy in a given area I will sometimes see the rendered figure of one or two enemies (usually druids) gently and sporatically flicker in and out of existence. :o

In some of these instances I can simply exit and reenter the area to make the respawned enemies mortal again, but more often than not I am forced to reload a save or even restart the game (such as during plot-related fight in the Greenlands) as the glitch usually follows me from area to area once it starts.

I read in another forum that someone playing on an XBOX solved similar issues by installing the game files on the console's own SSD/hard drive rather than an external drive. Inspired, I transfered the game files from my Switch's micro SD card to the system memory but, unfortunately, that hasn't resolved these problems.

Has anyone else experience something similar to what I've described?

Overall, this port of the game seems to be running better than earlier ports to PC, iOS, and Android devices based on what I've read in forums. However, I don't recall these sorts of issues with the original PS2 release, and I'm hesitant to recommend anyone buy this version now knowing what they may encounter. Hopefully, the developers can tweak it to perfection.
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Thanks for taking the time to write this report. I've forwarded this along to the team and will return when a response is available.
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