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Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems there is an exploit for XP I can't find anywhere i accidentally stumbled across. In Highpool in a building in the south there is a spot that says This big contraption is a patchwork machine. You recognize a pump. Lime-crusted pipes go under the floor. If you use the encounter option then use>attribute>IQ >current position it appears to give random amounts of xo to each party member. I have never played this game so not sure if it works in classic or is a bug but just thought I'd share for free xp.
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Interesting. Makes sense, with how the gaining XP through skill/attribute usage. I'd have to fire up an old version to see if it works in classic.

That said, as far as endless XP grinds go, it's a pretty awkward one. Easy enough with macros, but I'd rather just wait until Quartz.
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