[BUGS] The Review Board and Take the Highroad bugged

If you need assistance with a technical is sue with The Bard's Tale IV, this forum is for you. Spoilers are allowed, but spoiler warning tags are recommended.
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Take the Highroad bug

If you don't talk to Stoney first and instead use the song at the stones, the quest breaks. You are no longer able to talk to Stoney (he only repeats the same single line dialogue), and the quest cannot be completed.

Review Board bug

I'm not sure how this one broke, but even after talking to the board and unlocking tier 2 skills and talking to them a couple more times afterward, the quest hasn't updated to be completed.

A search did not come up with any others with a solution, or even a similar problem, so idk
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The Return to the Review Board quest never progressed or completed for me either, though that doesn't appear to be a problem. Not even sure if it is intended to be "completed" as it's kind of neverending throughout the game.
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