"Spiked Shield" item passive?

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I'm trying to play around with the gear options a bit, and I was wondering on the "big" shields, with the Spiked Shield passive. What exactly does this do?

It says it does damage when your shield "breaks", but I am unsure what this "breaking" refers to.

I tried seeing if it meant when your Deflect stance ends, and in that case it would have to be if it ends via Mental Damage, because I didn't see anything?

Alternatively, is it related to the Shield Wall skill from "Shield: Master"? I haven't tried that out yet, since the tooltip doesn't exactly sell me on its usefulness.

And in this case, I am baffled why the Spiked Shield didn't simply describe it as dealing damage when your "Shield Wall breaks", which is specific, rather than when your "shield breaks", which is vague.
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I believe your shield breaking references when you take enough damage to overcome the shield, so when the icon goes away. I'm not positive though, it's been awhile since I played.
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