Can't activate Steeltown DLC

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I purchased the DLC (Specifically I purchased the Season Pass) through Steam, it shows as activated and downloaded in the Steam DLC settings, but the symbol is not present in the main menu of the game and doesn't activate in-game. The save I'm using is prior to the attack on Ranger HQ by the Scar Collectors but has otherwise largely completed most possible content in the game before the end game. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC and/or the main game, but nothing has fixed the issue thus far. I started this save after the release of Steeltown and wasn't given the Colorado equipment DLC items that came from the pre-purchase of the game. My original playthrough when the game itself first came out had access to these items. There might be a general problem with my DLC's activating for some unknown reason, but that seems to only be the case since the DLC release.
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Look in the settings Steam: Library - Wasteland 3 - Manage - General - Launch options. Is there anything there?
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