Does money become useless?

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Does money become useless?

Post by Vernholio »

I guess this is the case in a lot of games, so it may be a pointless observation...

In the latter part of the game, it seems that money is pretty much useless. I keep finding more chests with it, or killing more foes that drop it, but, ultimately it seems it's just becoming, "let's see how much money I can rack up by the end of the game," right? I'm pretty much off to face Yadis now, with $33,350 in my pockets. I'm totally geared up... Vendors don't have anything I need or want any longer. (Hell, most of them have no money to buy my useless "treasures," or those that do, don't have any more inventory space buy them.) I don't know... maybe I'm missing something.

I guess I need to look at it this way... After a long, difficult adventure, my party gets to split the "spoils," and go their separate ways... Ya know, go buy a tavern and retire, right? :lol:
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Re: Does money become useless?

Post by Drool »

Vernholio wrote: April 11th, 2019, 7:39 pm I guess this is the case in a lot of games, so it may be a pointless observation...
Pretty much every RPG ever.
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Re: Does money become useless?

Post by thebruce »

I see it kind of like, the party is so uber-powerful that they can pretty much get anything they want from 'regular' person standards. It ain't about buy and sell when you can pretty much wipe out a town with a wave of your finger or dagger. :P
At best, it would be a matter of traveling to the far reaches of some distant land to find the last remaining survivor of some ancient war to collect the next ugprade to a unique item you pulled off the body of some otherworldly enormous beast.
The mindset, needs and desires of the adventurers changes as you progress through 'acts' 1, 2, and 3. :)
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