where can i buy Physical goods?

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where can i buy Physical goods?

Post by MouthOnTheWall »

Greetings folks,
can anyone point me in the direction of a physical goods shop?
I have been looking around, but all i see are just steam codes or the first day edition in a cheap plastic box.

I’m after the “old school paper book” version.
It’s my brothers 40th birthday in 2 weeks and i would like to give him this nostalgic gift (even though it didn’t turn out what we expected). man! did we play the hell out of The destiny wand back in the days...

So: Please, pretty please, can someone helf me get it? or is it just backers exclusive? would be someone willing to sell me their copy? maybe?
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Re: where can i buy Physical goods?

Post by Jonny1977 »

Hi, I was going to pm you but I dont seem to be able to. I have a physical copy of the bards tale 4 'old school' case that I am willing to sell. (Unless its not allowed?).You could send me a pm with your email address to discuss it?.
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