Krome BTIV Prologue?

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Krome BTIV Prologue?

Post by maxheadroom »

So now that we have fresh talent looking at the remasters, what are the chances of getting them to knock up a short (15 or 20 minute) BT IV prologue adventure in their classic, original style engine?

If they could do that and release it say a week before BTIV's release it would ramp up the hype, add a little backstory and serve as a transition between the old and new styles.
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Re: Krome BTIV Prologue?

Post by Gizmo »

It sounds neat... in theory, but the games are far too different IMO. A transition between them would be akin to modding a Fallout 2 side-quest that foreshadows the events of FO3. All that would come of it, is to see how it should have been done in the sequel.

I would prefer that they spend their time doing final 'check & polish' on the re-master until it's released.

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Re: Krome BTIV Prologue?

Post by JasonJoel »

Geez... Let's actually get the remasters done/moving before asking for new material... lol
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Re: Krome BTIV Prologue?

Post by vv221 »

Feasibility aside (I don’t know a lot about game development), I think this is a great idea!
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