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I play the mobile version from my kindle fire hd 10. I got to the Mountain Tower and saved it, then closed it. After that it crashes everytime I try to load that save. But - it had asked me the first time I tried to load it at that location if I wanted to keep the changes I'd made after my last save. I hadn't made any changes so I hit the no, discard. I'm not used to the kindle yet so I couldn't say if the save is corrupt or not because there is no error message. Would that be an example of a corrupt save that you said was possible?

I wasn't sure if this was something else or caused by the autosave that I'd been using until this problem.

Thank you for your time.
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DrHeine wrote: December 27th, 2018, 12:15 pm Hello

I am playing in mobile Android. At level 12 of Dounby Tower the fence around the elevator did not go down after I killed the last enemy.

Unfortunately, I walked by the save book so the only save I have is after killing the last one. Which means I cannot load an earlier save.

Going through the entire game over again is not an option. Is there a way to trigger the fence to go down or move back to the beginning of the tower or level? Or another workaround for this?
Same problem here on Android.... Please, give us some help!
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What happened to the bonus gear in the Bards Tale andoird game. I remember there being super weapons and you could buybas in app purchases but it's all gone now. I definitely remember buying it but there isn't an option to restore purchases and the gear isn't in that menu anymore
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Looks like purchases are still there, but you can only access them from inside the game, not the main menu.
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Okay so i just bought the game on android, i start it up, download the data, run the game, wait for the title screeb to appear, and it seems the game thinks im using an Xbox controller, even though im not using any controller, can someone please help me?
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