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Gearhead RPG

Postby Gremlin » April 8th, 2012, 7:21 pm

Some of you may be familiar with the Gearhead and Gearhead 2 mecha-roguelike post-apocalyptic RPGs, both of which were very heavily Wasteland-inspired. If you're not, here's a quick rundown:

    - Roguelike RPG with giant robots

    - Procedurally-generated campaigns that change based on the player's decisions

    - Build your own custom mecha from parts scavenged from your enemies.

    - A few of the things you can do include: research lost technology, fight in the arena, participate in dynamically-changing city sieges, perform assassinations, join a corporation and rise in the ranks...

    - You can play as a combat pilot, a marshal arts expert, a mecha mechanic, a nuclear-launcher-equipped solider, a thief, a wandering guitar player, a robot designer, a scientist, and a lot more...all with very different playthroughs.

I think they're games some of you might enjoy, and that they may even spur discussion of things we'd like to see in Wasteland 2.
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