List of Ass-checks (II)

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List of Ass-checks (II)

Post by Stansfield » November 4th, 2014, 8:26 am

this thread is simply a copy'n'paste duplicate from Frozyx's original thread, created with their permission and on request. Any new information or addendum's to the list of 'Ass-checks' found in Wasteland 2 should be submitted in this thread; if there are any questions or the list isn't getting updated, definitely please PM me. I can promise that a new message will catch my attention ;)

From Frozyx's original:
frozyx wrote:I tracked down all checks on Kiss/Smart/Hard Ass in my recent playthrough, mostly b/c i didnt use any and i wanted to know what i miss, but also to see what levels are necessary for the different areas for better char planning. The list is not necessarily complete, as i might have missed NPCs, some storylines and maybe even checks following a previous ass-check. I also played HP, so AgC is obv missing.

I added some notes when the ass-check are a bit more relevant than just giving a few infos and XP - if i know about it or actually remember ;)

<Area(short)>/<NPC name or description>: <necessary skill level> - <note>

Kiss Ass:
RC/Grenadier Major Nur Giebitz: 1 - gives unique gun
RT/Spyke Alpha: 1
HP/Bergin: 4 - for Vultures Cry
AgC/Kathy Lawson: 2 - reveals location of Radio Dish if you ask before saving
RC/Bowling: 4
RNC/Junkies: 4
RNC/Katy: 4 - will suicide otherwise
RNC/Barkeeper: 4 - needed to get to Gurkovichs Distillery
Prison/Annas Boy: 4 - Pigfarmer will run away otherwise and their quest being unable to resolve
TV/Tom: 5 - otherwise you can still help him on his wife when you run after him, but you wont get the key to his stash
TV/Ralphys Father: 5 - otherwise he suicides with no effect on the game but a bad ending slide for Ralphy
TV/Brother Chavez: 5
TV/Sking Pig: 5 - for a reward iirc
TV/Egodeath: 4
TV/Raider Commando 4+7 - get radioactive goop w/out fighting or paying
Rodia/May: 5
Rodia/Doc: 6
Rodia/Jess: 6
Rodia/Greek: 6
Santa Monica/Preacher: 8
AO/Mr. Manner: 10
AO/Armory guy: 10 - makes you able to buy weapons (tier 5)
HW/Man wanting Puppy: 7 - makes you get rid of the puppy
Los Feliz/Barkeeper: 8 - a melee weapon and some medkits
HW/Veronica: 8
Bastion/Maggie: 10 - need to ger her (bugged) penintent quest
Bastion/Retribution Jones: 10 - need to get him on roof
Endgame/Mercaptain: 2

Smart Ass
RNC/Ralphy: 4 *according to Stansfield - didnt keep notes on this myself so i cant say for sure*
RT/Raider: 1
RC/Bowling: 2
AgC/Dr. Patrick Larsen: 4 - keyword "Blood" (may be predicated on Perception/Examination of the scene)
AgC/Ryan Korniloff: 2 - Gets him over his grief and operating as a non-vendor Healer for the party
AgC(destroyed)/Dr. Patrick Larsen: 4
RNC/Samuel: 6 - will make him hand over Ace's logbook. Can be attained by killing him though
RNC/Casey: 6 - needed for peaceful ending, but you can manually enter 'both' optionally
TV/ShadowyFigure: 5
TV/Ralphys Father: 5 - same as above
TV/TwoTrader: 5
TV/Raider Commando: 4+7 - same as above
TV/Sadler(DBM): 4 - to trade toaster item for sniper rifle iirc
ToT/Dale: 5 and 4
ToT/Dr. Kyle: 5 - needed for Comp Sci skill book
Damonta/Wally: 4 - iirc needed to use radio asap, otherwise he wants you to first deal with robots
Prison/Danforth: 3 - possibly needed for a better ending (cooperation between RSM and rangers iirc)
AO/Arjuna: 8
AO/Doc: 8 - for getting microscope with his permission i guess, can still just take it
AO/Gene Cronk: 7
AO/Mr. Manners: 10
HW/Officer Lam: 8 - needed to resolve Ma Brown quest it seems
Los Feliz: Barkeeper: 8 - see above
HW/Veronica: 7 and 8
HW/Toasterman: 10 - just some XP
Bastion/Fealty: 10

Hard Ass
RC/Ranger at gate: 1 - see above
RT/Raider: 1
HP/Bergin: 2 - first talk
HP/Bergin: 2 - later, about Vultures Cry
HP/Harold: 2 - for getting Vultures Cry' equipment (Thanks to Drool!)
RC/Bowling: 1
AgC(destroyed)/Larsen: 2
RNC/Samuel: 4 - this or the Smart Ass: 6, will make him hand over Ace's logbook. Can also loot from his body.
RNC/Junkies: 4
AZ world map trader 'Dave': 8
TV/Tom: 5
TV/Shadowy Figure: 7
TV/Ralphys Father: 5 - see above
TV/Egodeath: 5
TV/Raider Commando: 4+7 - see above
TV/two trader: 4
TV/Sadler(DBM): 7
Damonta/Wally: 5
Baldwin/Roger Lee: 8
Long Beach/Vendor: 8
Rodia/Doc: 6 and 8
AO/Doc: 8
Santa Monica/Preacher: 8
AO/Cook: 8
AO/Doc: 8
AO/Prison guard: 10
AO/Elizabetha: 7
Redondo Beach/Bob: 10 - gives lot of XP (500 for whole party), but nothing else apparently
HW/Puppy: 8 - prevents it from following you
Low Feliz/Chris: 8 - get another suitcase with chips
HW/Veronica: 10
Griffith/Billy: 8
Seal Beach/Johnny Zipper: 8
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Re: List of Ass-checks (II)

Post by Stansfield » November 4th, 2014, 8:30 am

Edits made to the Original Post from the original thread, found here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=10651

*Changed "RC/Ranger at gate: 1 - gives unique gun" to "RC/Grenadier Major Nur Giebitz: 1 - gives unique gun" under Kiss Ass-checks
*Changed "RT/Raider: 1" to "RT/Spyke Alpha: 1" under Kiss Ass-checks
*Made some additions of my own for the Ag Center as your first choice.

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Re: List of Ass-checks (II)

Post by Drool » November 4th, 2014, 12:55 pm

Looks like you're missing the Hard Ass (level 3?) check in Highpool to get Vulture's Cry's equipment back from the shopkeep. It's probably one of two Hard Ass checks that matter.
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Re: List of Ass-checks (II)

Post by Stansfield » November 4th, 2014, 1:47 pm

No problem, and thank you Drool. I haven't myself attempted Highpool yet, focused on a completionist run saving Ag Center. I toss that up there and update as it comes :)

Edit: Just did a quick check on a 'Let's Play' I follow and it's a Hard Ass level 2 check on Harold.

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