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Developers: Help us Help You

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Dear Brian Fargo,
I apologize for being familiar here, but I think I have a worthy suggestion:
I have involved myself successfully in modding a squad combat game a ways back, in fact this particular game got much better after modders have put their hands on it. But what struck me is that this particular developer was very short on resources and the fans were able to provide a lot of content in terms of 3D models and general content. Purely on the volunteer basis, a high quality content was created fast.
This venture that you are creating is fan funded, so why not fan helped? Of course the creative control is yours, but if you need some help that normally costs a lot of money, maybe fans can help out? I am sure among 20000+ fans who backed the project, a few are graphic designers, actors engineers, historians, music producers etc.
Maybe we can help cutting the costs of the project down, creating content, voice acting, localizing in different languages?
Send a call to volunteers and you may find a massive force to back this project creatively.
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