Wasteland 2 Temporarily Removed from Microsoft Store on Windows

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Wasteland 2 Temporarily Removed from Microsoft Store on Windows

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The version of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut currently available on the Microsoft Store on Windows (and to Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers) has several issues impacting players, including some progress-blockers, and save game corruptions. They’re impactful enough that we’ve decided to remove the game immediately from the Microsoft Store on Windows to avoid others experiencing the same issues, until we can upload a fixed version.

If you’re playing the game and are not having any issues, you can continue to play directly from the game’s executable.

The process of removing the game and uploading a new fixed version means that once it’s available again—we’re estimating it’ll take a few weeks—it will need to be downloaded again in full, and no prior save games will work with the new version. Again, if the game is working fine, you can continue to play as long as you don’t uninstall. However, if you haven’t progressed very far, or have run into some of these issues, we recommend uninstalling and waiting until the new fixed version is available.

We apologize if you’ve had a frustrating or poor experience, and appreciate your patience while we work on a new version.
We’ll provide an update once we know when the title is expected to be available again.


Q: Does this affect anything other than the Microsoft Store on Windows?
A: No, this is specific to the PC version on the Microsoft Store on Windows only, which also impacts the availability of the title to Xbox Game Pass subscribers through the Xbox PC app, as they share the same Microsoft Store game builds. This does not impact the Xbox One version of the game or any other platforms.
Q: I’m not having any issues, how can I continue to play?
A: You can continue to launch the game directly from the place you’ve installed it on your hard drive, but be aware that your save games will not be compatible with future versions. Your save games will almost certainly not be able to be continued in the future, so please plan accordingly.
Q: When will the game be available again?
A: We don’t have a firm date to share, but expect to have it available later this month or early next month. We’ll let everyone know when we do have a firm date.
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