Crystalline Cavern - impossible to react with the emitter

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I've done some research over the internet with no success. I use Polish language version on PS4. Here is the problem - after obtaining Magmatic Annulet I cannot escape from the cave because of large number of crystals. It's impossible to escape (I die immediately and come back again in the same place - no systematic movement can be done). I guess that these crystals might somehow get deactivated but in the main cave I found a bug - it's impossible to react with the emitter (which I suppose could help me in the given scenario). Every time I click it a dialogue windows shows up and no interaction can be done (only L2 and R2 are possible - equipment and skills windows) so the only thing I can do is to restart the game - I attach a photo: It occurs every time, no matter what I do before that. I tried many times using different saves from this location (I don't have saves from before I've entered the cave). Does it mean that I am not able to finish the game? Does this issue look similar to problems that maybe someone else already encountered? Any hints? Thank you in advance ;-)
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