A Beautiful Hot Mess of a Game & Release

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A Beautiful Hot Mess of a Game & Release

Post by Jhandor »

Come on fellas,

I enjoy the series and the game. From what I've played so far, I'm loving it as the game itself was intended. My main complaint would be that you can't respec your story acquired friends, so you're stuck with NPC's that are pre-built into builds you may not find preferable. While I agree with the no respec choice so your choices matter, it would be nice if your companions started out with no skill points spent. That way you could build them the way you want to, without wasting any skill points. And the game crashes a metric feces ton of times. I've had to restart my computer and run a steam file checker to even get it working again, and even then, there's more crashing if I event think about looking sideways at a puzzle weapon. Apparently elves designed them to crash your game if you viewed the wrong part as well? ;)

But regardless of all of that, you guys screwed the pooch on this one big time. Figured I would add my experiences the numerous posters that have explained their discontent.

Starting off with the fact that you guys rock. Torment Tides of Numenera, for me, was a fantastic release. I got all my rewards, and everything went smoothly.

For this game, I shelled out $74.99 (and my wife wouldn't let me hear the end of it) and Xsolla had no issues immediately taking it out of my bank account. There was zero delay on them taking my money on your behalf.

But when it comes to my rewards on the Platinum package, I've had to do the following:

- Realize and ponder why I didn't get a beta key e-mailed to me after I completed my purchase.
- Contact Xsolla support only to deal with Russians that couldn't understand a word I said, and ask for my receipt / bank account.
- Get suspicious and realize that the company isn't exactly legitimate. Looked them up on facebook to find thousands of complaints that they're either scammers or have been hacked. Thousands of people have been charged through them, and aren't even gamers nor have purchased products through them. The company has told said customers to contact their banks, rather than deal with them directly.

- Contact inXile support (Paul was great, and quick) in order to get my beta key.
- I received my beta key two days late after getting help from Paul, or phimseto as you know him here. Xsolla was still confused.
- Xsolla e-mailed the key THREE WEEKS after Paul gave it to me. 3 weeks later, same key. I verified and tried it.

- Release day comes around. I panic while I'm at work (and I'm a junior system admin / network engineer). Because I know that the I.T. department at Xsolla is either incompetent, non-existent, or compliant with Russian gangsters based on what I've read and experienced. They don't even have their SSL certs verified on their website for Christ's sake. I could steal my own credit card data if I wanted to.

*EDIT* It looks like they've up'd their game now and they're certified. So I stand corrected now, but at the time of my pre-order purchase, they did not have their SSL verified. Also edited for language.

- I've had to cancel my credit card I've used to order through Xsolla, and get a new one. Pain the arse.
-Two days after launch day, Xsolla e-mails me my "extras". It's only the bards tale emulators in a zip file.

I still haven't received any of the Platinum Version extras via Xsolla, or inXile. The Bardic Brian skin, bonus puzzle weapon, etc. Nothing. None of it was included with the Platinum Xsolla key. Thankfully there was a fan that made a digital code wheel on your forums that we could access, for those of us that haven't received a digital reward yet. So we can still progress.

You guys need to man up and admit that you screwed up this launch and apologize to your customers and fans.


Concerned Fan
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Re: A Beautiful Hot Mess of a Game & Release

Post by Lord_Stargazer »

Well said. I think the ball is in inXile's court now. Xsolla is unable or unwilling to solve this issue. I just had another exchange with Xsolla that felt like an exercise in futility. We just want the content we paid for. Luckily I got at least the game - which I am enjoying so far - but this launch was an utter mess.
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