Spotlight #1: Character Creation

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Re: Spotlight #1: Character Creation

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Drool wrote: July 14th, 2018, 4:44 pm There appears to be a sidequest to unlock Priests. And the Review Board is there for changing roles (or something like that). My theory is that Monk, Paladin, Hunter, and Priest are all "prestige" classes that you unlock via gameplay and activate via the Review Board. Which would be one for each archetype. Presumably Hunters are from Rogues, Priests from Practitioners, Paladins from Fighters, which would leave Monks from Bards.

...because Monks chant? I dunno. Maybe they unlock regardless of your archetype. But that's just me spitballing.
It's because Monks drink...a lot!
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Re: Spotlight #1: Character Creation

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I cannot imagine priests deriving from practitioners; that would be fiercely independent scholars of the arcane, becoming conformist servants of a deity. That's 180° about face of their personality and background.
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