Brawling Monster, 9 AP or 12 AP?

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Brawling Monster, 9 AP or 12 AP?

Post by Zerginfestor » December 15th, 2017, 3:10 am

Hey everyone, finished W2DC version with an entire group of gunslingers wielding Widowmakers, it was incredibly fun, but in my next playthrough with Brawling, as I'm leveling up, I've been wondering if 9 AP or 12 AP would be the best option for them? I'm going for a low awareness, tanking monstrosity essentially, so heavy armor with 12 at max and just shrugging off hits, I plan on also taking Shoulder the Load and Charge! Perks to give their round a massive boost in mobility, with the stats going as

I'm wondering if I either add 1 to Speed for +AP and +0.1 speed, and +4 in Coordination as to get the 12 AP, or just 1 Speed and 4 Awareness, or hell, even 5 Speed.

I also plan on using the Air Jordan's Trinket with the build, so with 6 Speed, the perks, and with the Pseudo-Chitin Armor, I'm going on the first round as:

2.85 Combat Speed.

Just wondering if that's viable as mobility or if I should just Max off Speed for 11 AP, but getting:

3.25 Combat Speed. (dunno if the 0.05 is added into the equation or just rounded down/up).

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