How about some difficulty options?

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How about some difficulty options?

Post by Rack » July 28th, 2017, 7:33 am

The game as stands is really difficult and really really really slow as a result of said difficulty. I know the reason for this is padding but still could there be an option to quintuple player damage and triple hit points?

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Re: How about some difficulty options?

Post by Gizmo » July 28th, 2017, 1:55 pm

There are several games I know of (RPGs) that allow the difficulty to be shifted. When the game's combat is made significantly harder, the XP rewards are greatly boosted; and when the combat is made a pushover, the XP rewards are dropped to a low minimum. The result is that the harder game levels-up the party faster; while the easy-mode party's leveling rate is slowed... but they can still proceed through the story.

In an age of gaming achievements (ie. Steam), I think the game should (of course) distinguish the level of difficulty; and handle the case for altered difficulty during play—if even allowed.

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Re: How about some difficulty options?

Post by ploog » October 2nd, 2017, 10:36 am

After getting comfortable with the gameplay and switching between spells, I've found the battles/fights in the game to be relatively easy. I'm not sure I died a single time on my third and final play-through for creating incremental game saves; heck, I don't think I took more than a couple health point hits for any of the battles, and I was fairly distracted with the continual saving & copying of the game save files.

I wished there were a mechanism to make the battles more difficult, even, if only slightly. I found the NPCs somewhat disappointing in their inability to quickly (or even slowly) react to changes in my location, especially since I almost exclusively used the teleport option to get around in-game. It doesn't seem to be a limitation of the game's basic tracking functionality since the "reward" mage stones appear to quickly adjust to changes in my position, as they float over to me for the energy transfer. Lacking any tweaks in difficulty, I figure I can give the game or some of its fights another try, at some point, but adjusting my controls to remove the teleportation option.

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