Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

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K T Ong
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Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

Post by K T Ong » May 21st, 2017, 9:09 am

Hi, everyone. New here. If there are any unspoken rules here I'm not aware of, please bear with me. ;)

There's one thing I'd really like to know which has brought me to these forums: is it possible to install The Bard's Tale on an Android iPhone which has no internet connection? Or must you have one? I have an iPhone which has no internet connection -- to get an internet connection for my iPhone I must pay a monthly fee, which I prefer not to -- though I have a PC at home which enables me to go online (or I wouldn't be here in the first place). Are there files which I can download onto my PC and then transfer from my PC to my iPhone? I understand that with many games you can download the .APK file and place it in your iPhone in the said way before running the file to get the game installed; I've already installed a couple free games in my iPhone in this way, such as Soulcraft. So can I likewise purchase the .APK for The Bard's Tale somewhere and install it the way I did those other games?

I'd be most grateful if anyone could attend to my queries. Thanks in advance!

I indulge in some 3D art as a hobby, by the way. Here in this respect is a simple pic I did. Hope it'll provide some viewing pleasure. :)

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Re: Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

Post by Drool » May 21st, 2017, 12:45 pm

I have no idea if it's possible with an iPhone because of Apple's walled garden. But, if you've been able to directly sideload APKs before, there shouldn't be a problem with doing so with Bard's Tale, aside from getting the APK in the first place. I know there are programs that let you run Android apps on PC and likewise download from the Play Store to PC, so there may be something like that for iTunes, which would give you the APK to transfer, but again, I don't know how much access Apple lets you have.

That being said, as far as I know, there's no online requirement for the Bard's Tale. Actually, lemmie check, I have my tablet here... wifi off... game loading... yup, seems to work just fine. Obviously there won't be any cloud saving or store purchases, but the game runs fine.
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Re: Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

Post by Gizmo » May 21st, 2017, 2:05 pm

Worst case (if it does)... If you have a (wireless) Internet connection at home, then you should be able to connect the Iphone to your home wifi network.

If you don't have a wireless router, they are cheap to buy new, and might even be found in thrift shops for a paltry sum. I've bought relatively recent routers for for less than $8 this way.

K T Ong
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Re: Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

Post by K T Ong » May 22nd, 2017, 9:37 am

Thanks for the suggestions, fellas. I have in fact found the .APK file for the game and installed it in my iPhone, except that when I run the game it says it needs to download the game data or it can't run. Well, I found the data by searching online; it came in the form of a ZIP file (more than 1 Gb in size -- whew) containing the following:

- An internet shortcut file called 'pdalife.url';
- A file folder named 'com.inxile.BardTale', which in turn contains:

- An empty folder called 'cache'; and
- A folder called 'files', which contains the following:

- A folder called 'movies', which contains lots of mp4 files;
- A folder called 'res', which presumably contains the core stuff of the game -- the levels, the sounds etc;
- An empty folder called 'SavedGames';
- A file called 'dlc'; and lastly
- A file called 'settings.bin'.

The question now is which file/folder to place where in my iPhone. Presumably if I placed all the files/folders in the right place, then the game would run happily without prompting for a download. Tried placing all the files/folders in SD Card/Android/data. No luck. Tried SD Card/Android/obb. Still no luck. Tried the Internal Storage instead of the SD Card. Still no luck. (By the way, for some reason my iPhone hated the name 'com.inxile.BardTale', so I was forced to take out the folder's contents before placing them in my iPhone.)

Anyone know where exactly I should place the files/folders? Thanks in advance. I really would like to try this game!

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Re: Can you install BT on an iPhone with NO connection?

Post by sear » May 28th, 2017, 8:44 am

For manually installing the BT 2004 assets on an iOS device, I believe these instructions should work (but I don't have an iOS device to try it on):

1) Download to your PC or Mac.
2) Unzip the contents to a folder.
3) Copy the res/ folder to $APPS/The Bard's Tale/Documents using a file manager app such as iExplorer.

The original trilogy of BT games are separate downloads, but each is a one-time download on first launching them. Again, I can't personally test, but the info I have suggests you can place those virtual disk files at the following location, once you have them: Apps/Bard’s Tale/Library/btpriv/

Bard's Tale 1:

Bard's Tale 2:

Bard's Tale 3:

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