Wasteland 3: tell us your stretch goal ideas

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Re: Wasteland 3: tell us your stretch goal ideas

Post by Grohal » May 13th, 2017, 10:46 pm

Drool wrote:
May 13th, 2017, 9:53 pm
Grohal wrote:
May 13th, 2017, 12:51 am
Why? With Nexus-modders the possibilites would be endless.
You'd think that, and yet the vast majority of "mods" for WL2 on Nexus are just portrait packs.
Ah ok, now I get your point. I agree, but that is because WL2 seems not to be very mod-friendly and that should be improved in WL 3 is all I am saying. Modders are not programmers, but full of ideas. :)
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Re: Wasteland 3: tell us your stretch goal ideas

Post by Remo » May 14th, 2017, 1:50 pm

And now days when there are more games than we have time, mods often tip the scale between extra playthroughs and shelving the game after a ~month.

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Re: Wasteland 3: tell us your stretch goal ideas

Post by -Muttley- » May 26th, 2017, 12:21 pm

Playing through WL2 currently...

Really enjoying the ruleset, playstyle, and setting. Some of which is similar to Shadowrun, another favourite of mine.
I have a RP group that I play with weekly. Currently we are working through IWD. We have a few other D&D based titles
we can play through together too. As much as I love playing WL2 and SRR/DF/HK on my own, I would love to play these
games in a group with friends. I know that 2 player is planned for WL3, but if multiplayer options of up to six(maybe)
were available, that would be nice. I do wonder if one of the reasons companies have been shying away from this is because of hosting/lobby
issues. However my reply to that argument is, with BG/NWN games, you could host on your own computer. I know this
means forwarding ports, but if it means I can play with friends, I am happy to have to set this up. I already do this for
NWN 1 and NWN2 already.

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