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UI tips

Post by Hawke64 »

A lot of responses from NPC are influenced by player's stats, Tides and decisions. Unfortunately, on the 1st playthrough it's hard to tell when a response is affected. Is it possible to add tips, showing it, to player's and NPCs' dialogue options, like it was in Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny. In front of an option, if it's a stat check, after it, if it changes stats (e.g. "Silver Tide +5" or "Matkina's approval +10").
I could just reload several times to check each dialogue option (as I've been doing), but it's more time-consuming and less enjoyable.

2 successful skill checks (otherwise it would show the skill level required), 1 choice and 1 action. 1 reputation change, if the 3rd option is selected.
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Re: UI tips

Post by acm »

This is a good idea, I also like to see the meta-information of the game. Also, an option to see the (grayed out) conversation options I am missing because of failed requirements would be nice. And then add an option to turn it off again for people who don't like it.
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