IMPORTANT: How to make bug reports & game logs

If you need assistance with a technical issue, this forum is for you. Specifically for help with Torment: ToN itself. Spoilers are allowed, but spoiler warning tags are recommended.
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Hi all,

As inXile's game portfolio grows, and with multiple titles in the works, keeping up with support queries, questions and feedback has grown increasingly challenging. As a relatively small team, our ability to field messages is sometimes limited, especially in busy times around game releases.

Additionally, up until now we had primarily been using plain old email to respond to people, which worked fine during less busy times, but as our needs have ramped up, it has led to some people not getting replies as fast as they should have, or other requests occasionally falling through the cracks.

In order to both get everyone help in a more up-front way, as well as to make it easier for us to respond to your questions, we've launched a new support system and Help Center page:

We will be keeping that page up to date with new info as it arises. We've often had this information available on various channels, like our backer web site, Kickstarter & FIG updates, forum posts, and elsewhere, but now it all lives together in a more organized location. If you have a question, or run into a bug or problem, we encourage you to check it out, and drop us a request if you need any more direct help.


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