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Fan Music

Post by Michikawa »

I was so inspired by the original PS:T soundtrack that when I heard Torment was in the making, I had the idea of some day producing a few tunes in spirit of the games. Here are two tributes to the great Mark Morgan:

Hope you enjoy them!
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Re: Fan Music

Post by vv221 »

Hey, these sound great, I totally got pictures of Planescape: Torment while listening to your songs!
If you got more of the same stuff, please share it here ;)
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Re: Fan Music

Post by Niarei »

Yea, very nice pieces! You should make some Bard's Tale fan music, your compositions have that kind of vibe I think. Image
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Re: Fan Music

Post by romio »

it was very nice.Awesome!!!!
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Re: Fan Music

Post by kilobug »

Thanks for your music, they do have a "tormentish" feel, nice to hear :)
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Re: Fan Music

Post by Sable Phoenix »

I especially enjoyed the Fantasy Theme because of the echo of Deionarra's theme you put in there. Lovely compositions one and all.
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