Describe your Numenera

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Describe your Numenera

Post by 13_Monkeys » September 21st, 2014, 12:08 pm

Sacrificing Numenera

[a.k.a. Zerthimon’s Full GPS (positioning & teleportation numenera) - opening some portals

Gear's destination
(short descriptions):
1. Travel in space (comeback teleportation from place to place, same time)
Fast travel to both known and unknown places using emotional link, only for character who knows himself/herself. Sometimes there is no official town portal, town or reality....

2. Travel in time and space forwards&back
(“Future continuous” travel, start in the very same place)
By setting a sort of dimensional anchor in time and space the character could trigger the timer and can start acting, living a life of full immersion and just after the particular portion of time return to the starting point, keeping in mind everything. Such state allows to meet new dialog choices with the second start (only one such operation in a place is possible).

For people in the game world (not party characters) it works and looks like individual state of deep thinking, staying and listening etc but for entire party members act of being under the rest of some good and bad effects (being the hosts for the memo-teleportation numenera).

For a gamer it means a choice of the proper sentences in a simple act of using the dialog bar.

3. Travel in time and space back&forwards
(anchor in the very same place, start is located just some time in the past)
Fast travel to unknown/undefined previous point of time in actual place that enables “Past continuous” action of short/medium duration until timer ends (reaching current time).

Gear's functionality:
During any non-hostile action a character can use (communicate with) special numenera (wearable/unwearable, relic/parasite/nonhuman) device allowing player to analyze the list of phrases displayed on the dialogue bar. At first sight they work similar to summarizations shown after studying each Circle of Zerthimon (PS:T) independently, that means a player see few recapitulations but just the only one (or more if the answer is split by the more Tides) in a bunch fits better, describing more precisely or emotionally the experience gained during the game – experience from our action and inaction (listening, watching... all senses). The dialogue bar could also at the same time show text which deliver some true/reasonable conclusion for the future, anyway all of those phrases are mainly loose interpretations, derivatives of the used sentences, conclusions of the taken actions in the previously explored areas (district, building), also sort of divination, assumptions/expectations of the things that will occur. All of them look just like pieces of wisdom delivered to the character from the Unknown.

How to set start&ending point (before “Future continuous” travel), also Setting some comeback destination point (before travel in space also “Past continuous” journey):
Now, if we would bring back particular thought/emotion, would choose one of them, e.g. some phrases that matters, that have their own, special sense (are important to us but also from some unknown reasons to the numenera constructor), which constitutes the best, most intellectual essence of our dialog that has taken place or the passed feeling or the decoded/misshapen visualization of the future etc, then we could allow the character to create instantly the emotional link, a teleportation starting point (travel in time and space) or destination area (travel in space), allowing safe, fast-travel from/to this place of memorization. Important: such first invocation, first choose of the sentence (emotional link), such setting of the teleportating beacon, works only and should be done in the place where it matches with, where its feeling is remembered from (like portal to the Fortress of Regrets). In most of situations it is not a simple action because the numenera device displays encrypted phrases (linked emotions) after many happenings within modulated portion of time (not just after that particular, “starting” event) – phrases which show decoded meaning thanks to the higher/distant/hyper dimensional intelligence. Sometimes using one feeling/emotion and entering such invoked portal ends the opportunity of passing through it again as the game will lead us just through the only one Tide/existing path of scenario (e.g. Sacrifice or Greater Good). After such choice, even while walking by that place next time when character tries to bring the same emotion/thoughts second time nothing could happen. The formula of using Tides with this numenera do not cancel new sentence/emotion (key to open some another portal) in the very same place – it could lead even through the different path of existence/state of being.

In another way: the device brings us the echo of the past, present and future “logic”(feelings, choices), rebounded, possibly mutated and finally caught like the radio signal by the numenera, which acts as the translator of such logic, the container of essence or wisdom what was, what is happening and what could be done. It partly works like some data-traveler (beginning and ending device), operating thanks to multidimensional scanning/sonar system, running by higher intelligence which caught words, thoughts and emotions of the device's user. E.g. the player stucks in a strange “when” at a strange “where” part of the journey, do not know where to go, what to do and feels that numenera transcrypted the solution – feelings and emotions matching/dedicated to this situation, so he/she can choose the “right” phrase from the device to revive the memories causing the Unknown to set the portal/anchor or forcing the party with Castoff disappear and reappear in a new place (travel in space). Would it lead to the journey with or without turning back option – no one knows...till next flashback. Another example: the player has just opened the portal using mentioned device in a place “x” but passage is dead, the characters cannot go through so they leave it. Next, after some portion of time, the team is in a place “y”, they need return to the city but have just stucked. If player find the clue in the numenera which matches “x” with “y” the team would open the portal and back through it to “x”.

Using the logic phrase (using that numenera) by any active party member in combat involves spending some action points depending on how long and intellectually complicated is the teleportating sentence describing the emotions, thoughts and so on. As the phrases could be used to set and open the portal a player would trigger the act of teleportation in most of the situations: during the combat, pure walk or talk - by using the dialog console (thought during the fight, the character should spare the exact amount of action points, like in many table-top settings or for example Fallout series, that is: to say a sentence, to revive the memory it depends on time).

The sentences shown in the dialogue bar are uploaded into the device like sms' at moderate intervals of time after/before the events (after/before the messages' counterparts were/will be firstly spoken or the player acted/will act using distinctive way of his/her choice). It is up to a player if the machine is used precisely because those sentences in some cases do not match with any possibility of making the safe transportation beacon and could lead to the dangerous places or even false realities.

Okay, so what's the hook? -Someone's life, one life that matters.
Example: our companion has just made the sacrifice and not even notice anything went bad. She/he simply ran one of that “crazy” numenera machines designed for opening some portals, which nano-engine is fuelled by AI/memories of the living creatures but the process is irreversible, and every time somewhere in the world/worlds/realities it makes a castoff one met person that user is thinking of. Mentioned companion was talking to some physician once and bringing the memories of that meeting changes his interlocutor's life. The problem occurs at the point while the whole purpose (all abilities and flaws) of such numenera is still not identified and no one in the party is prepared that now “changed” could be a colleague. It is very first time that the team see the process of becoming a castoff (though not understand)...

The device has limitless account of “lifes” to use. After the shock of making the party member a castoff, any character in the team (“healthy” or ”erased”) can use so opened portal without any further sacrifice. In my illustration, there could remain nearly whole gameplay of time from activating the portal (setting the point of destination) till using it – like being in the mortuary once and opening finally the portal to the Fortress of Regrets. At the beginning we just need be near that place (that is: to see, know and be exactly in sight of the place, which usually means that particular screen) and match the emotions /thoughts with events. Next good side of the whole operation is that it's effect cannot be copied through the realities – the player could recognize that “this” world is fake because of not existing portals (anchors).

Sometimes the character need not to wait long time for the signal from the device when it delivers special thoughts/hints – e.g. the owner is in a restaurant before some conversation, gets the message from numenera and recognizes the memories as matching to this place, so the player could set the portal instantly. After the meeting protagonists leaves some documents in there but fortunately has got the portal opened in advance and could get back immediately.

In general, the whole process is a mini-game of observation and language use, an act of memorization all those most magnificent moments of life. The player makes the progress from the cloud of words and phrases in the console using own intuition, expressed words need not be exactly the same as said by someone, they just should match the feeling of the very special moment as the remembrance of that what really in one life matters. Such form of transport would be an option as well as could be necessary for finishing the game (maybe emphasizing our last deeds as the last remaining man in some system) also could be needed for putting an end to some important part of the plot or would just work as a sort of bizarre and intriguing puzzle. Thanks to skillful developers the difficulty level of phrases’ combinations will be definitively sufficient for ambitious players.

In our example the sacrificing-numenera is one of these machines ran by captured thoughts (similarity to a soul-eating process thus sifting out all living processes). Some of them need a special key to activate or accelerate or to do extra work, and that key is a very crystallized, purified or pre-destined, synchronized emotion (from the memory of the living man before he/she will become a castoff). The number of such artifacts and their capabilities are far beyond understanding of current generation. In matter of fact they are bonding devices worth of efforts of such entities like the Changing God. Presumably one of them fell into His hands and is using in process of changing (evolving) His essence, blending it with essence of people – thus capturing their knowledge, enhancing His skills, improving physical capabilities also preserving life beyond the measures (sometimes using their bodies as hosts or meres).

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Re: Describe your Numenera

Post by billgate » March 11th, 2015, 10:16 pm

1. Nowhere Men and Manhattan Projects from Image - these comics have some cool ideas on how science is seen by scientists, as well as some cool Sci-Fi stuff. For example, in Nowhere Men you have "Science is the new Rock and Roll". Four guys who look like some reincarnation of some old awesome band working to save the world.

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