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Discussion for the first expansion to Wasteland 3.
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Excellent DLC

Markham - Is there any 'good' ending that doesn't involve keeping her in power? I just ran though - had to take down Crow because she refused to negotiate with Markham, even though I sided with her against Ludlow. I disrupted as many people as I could but my animal companions kept eating people lol (Major Tomcat is still a good kitty).

BTW I arrested Ludlow and Blue - the jailer at Ranger HQ talks about them but they don't appear - probably a bug. Strangely enough, the Ghost gang defended Steeltown from Liberty and said something like 'good thing you didn't kill us', but I still get hostile wasteland encounters from them. I guess they don't like you but are willing to put that aside and defend Steeltown.

I couldn't see freeing the synths as the 'good' option - synths are always out to destroy the world it's in the Ranger handbook. I know I was supposed to feel bad for them but after hunting all the synths for Gary Wolfe I was like 'what's five more?'.
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The 'best' ending i got was taking out Ludlow and arresting Crow, disrupting absolutely every enemy possible (both workers and Ghosts - and getting the achievement for it), talking with Blue and convincing him to hand out the necessery item while promising him to free the synths, actually free the synths but convincing them to stay and help Steeltown (incl. making both Blue and Markham happy). But Markham is still there, athough with a little change in mind set at least.

However, there is a "Blue is back" achievement and i dont know how to trigger it - at least he isnt up for anything after getting to the aforementioned ending. Maybe you need to get rid of Markham, but idk how w/out putting Crow/Ludlow in charge first. Maybe my misbehaviour in other areas (like pissing off the Machine Commune) kept me from negotiation a better ending with Blue ...
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Crow did nothing wrong. The technocrats are jailed or exiled, the workers have seized the means of production, and comrade Team November will lead the people's revolution against the Patriarch :lol:
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