Gamebreaking crashes in Monster Army Bunker

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I recently bought Wasteland 3 for PS4 and I love it! Unfortunately, I am in the Monsterland Army Bunker area, and after you repair the machine to open the door that leads the room with the suicide saw dog bomb robots, it crashes over and over and over again. It will crash when I get to the door to the room with robots, or during battle, and right after I win the battle. I can not progress because it just keeps crashing. I kept trying and ended up crashing 6 times in roughly 25 minutes. Matt recommend I reinstall the game, so I did but I'm still experiencing crashes at the same part. He also recommended that I post this on here as well. Thanks!
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Ty for posting here as well! I'm keeping my eyes out for additional reports and evidence that can help our Dev team. In the meantime, if the status changes, please report back here.

Edit 11/12: Looks like a similar report has also popped up here: ... _why_cant/
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I found this crash point last night. Got the game for Christmas, playing on a ps4, I had a couple of strange window pop ups displaying details of weapons that wouldn't go away until I rebooted. That wasn't a game ender, but last night I tried taking on the hoppers in the monster Army Bunker, game keeps crashing at various points in when I am fighting them. Since its a non essential quest, I'll try to work around but that engagement is broken for me. So far its crashed 6 times, I haven't been able to pinpoint any specific action that causes it, the situation various, but the location and enemies are always the same.
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I am having the same issue July 29th. A year later and this bug is still there. No way to progress.
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