[PS4] Game "Freeze" In Multiplayer at random - Multiple Bugs at once

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[PS4] Game "Freeze" In Multiplayer at random - Multiple Bugs at once

Post by Aton_Restin »

Online-Coop will "freeze" at multiple occasions, or stop progressing in general at random.

"Freeze" : Both players are still able to move the cam, but not actions or options on the Menu can be chosen. Menu is grey.

We play both on PS4, Inet connection was not the problem - we switched to 2 other games afterwards withut problems [Overcooked 2, CoD Warzone]

First Bug:
At the arrival in the Colorado HQ, Host talked to the NPC that enables the first 2 recruits. Player 2 was talking to the HQ Communications NPC at the same time, Player 2 coundn't leave conversation and Host coudn't leave conversation AFTER choosing the recruits.

Second Bug:
We loaded in the save 30 mins before, we instantly had to/could choose 2 recruits BEFORE talking to the NPC that enables this .
Started the fight with the Dogs, the 2 recruits were in our team. Host could make his turn, P2 could make his first turn, Game didn't progress the switch to the 2. character of P2. "Your Turn" was written on top of the screen, but P2 could not click or activate anything. Had to reload.

Third Bug:
Loaded save before the fight, but with the 2 recruits in the team before we talked to NPC Tim. Same Bug as above, but this time in round 2 of the fight. So every character in both teams could make one turn, on the second round it was "freezing" again. [yeah we needed 2 rounds, no questions please^^]

Fourth Bug:
Loaded save, didn't start the fight against dogs, talked to NPC Tim, while already having them in the party. No problem.
Found the refugees, found the guy in the cell, saved.
Started the fight against the dogs with a sniper bullet, Game goes into Fight mode and "freezes" before Host could make his first turn.

Got frustrated and changed to Overcooked 2 and then CoD, no connection problems.

Bought the Game yesterday, are there patches comming? I don't know we should try to play the game or wait for patches.
Is there a workaround? Is it a PS4 problem?

Looking forward to your response.

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