Retrain bug: Lucia now has a critical hit of -98%

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Actually happens for all my characters. If I retrain them, the "show stats" screen reports incorrect values for critical chance, critical damage and strike rate. See attached screenshot.!AgXpRyogggX0nPMDlj9 ... g?e=ZBBHmV
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Even if the character has enough skill points for the weapon they are holding?
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Yeah, you're likely receiving a penalty post-respec because you no longer meet the requirement of the weapon you're holding. The numbers should reset to their base values if you unequip that weapon.

That said, I understand the usability concern around showing those negative numbers, but I also feel like if we just showed 0% it might be less obvious the character has a penalty. I would be curious to hear what people think and if it's something you'd prefer to have zeroed out.
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