Item replication bug (reproduceable)

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Version: 1.4

Syndrome: scope (weapon mod) replicate every time when loading from save, managing squad member, or switching map.

How to reproduce this bug:
1. Acquire sniper rifle "Ray Tracer".
2. Choose Ray Tracer then Modify Weapon
3. Install any type of scope.
4. Close weapon modification window.
5. Quick Save & Load
6. The same type of scope installed in step 3 will be replicated in inventory.

1. Infinite cash cheat.
2. Inventory will soon get cluttered by 30+ scopes after playing for few hours.

1. Tested on Reflex scope, Red Dot scope, Holograph scope, Dead Eye scope, 38mm magnifying scope, all of them will trigger this bug.
2. Every time when loading from save, managing squad member, or switching map, 1 to 5 new scopes will be spawned.
3. Dropping Ray Tracer to the ground or selling it to trader will not stop replication.
4. The only way to stop replication is equip Ray Tracer to a team member, then remove that team member from squad.
5. All maps will trigger this bug. Tested in Ranger HQ, Colorado Spring Downtown, Bison Ranch and Massacre Sites, all the same situation.
6. Squad member layout doesn't matter. Tested with only two newly recruited Ranger member and then swap back to original team, same situation.
7. Not sure whether other weapons will also trigger this bug. Tested on Black Star, SR2000, Lancer, Mini-Gun, PWD-01, SOCOM Assault Rifle and Widow Maker, none of them triggers this bug. Only Ray Tracer.
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