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Ok so hear me out. The Payasos are actually the worst faction and enemy in the game by far. Let me start with just sheer gameplay mechanics.

Payaso Bastard - "Hey, lets make a tanky enemy that can take down one of your party members per turn on normal difficulty and spread at least 2-3 of them per encounter. With a max of 6 party members, that takes like 3 turns of sheer bullet hell to wipe out your party"
Payaso Fuego: "AND lets add an enemy that can do an AOE attack that can explode barrels to really screw them over more as well as do half a life bar, with the other half being drained over time via flames"
Payaso Trickster: "AND IN CASE YOU WANTED TO HIT ANY OF THEM, We have these guys who spam smoke grenades so you have a 15% chance per shot to hit. Making them even harder to kill"
Bomb Pigs: I don't even need to touch this one, you already know

And plus there's like 2-3 of each per encounter so it's like a barrage of fecal matter being thrown in my face every time I have the displeasure of finding a Payaso camp. Only scenario in this game where I actively avoid extra content (being BIg Top). The Temple fight is the most excrutiating fight in any game ever and I wanted to quit with every time I got bombarded by one of the 7000 pigs in that singular room. Only barely beat it with the Slicer Dicer - Assembler and even then, my most valued party member, Major Tomcat, fell in the battle and because I hate it so much, I had to sacrifice him because I wasn't about to do it again. I will see you tomorrow to rant about how they are extremely bad even storywise.

I never had a fear of clowns. I still don't. Now I just have an intense hatred of them. Developers, love your work btw.
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The tragedy of Major Tomcat :cry:
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Don't enter the room for that fight. Attack from the hallway and let them come to you. The hot dogs don't have enough AP to run any further than the doorway in one turn so you can pick them off there. The Payasos will light their teammates on fire in the hallway due to the confined space. I recommend having a sniper with high enough lvl to use the mega scope. Hope that helps.
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Yeah, fighting Payasos is kinda a drag in my experience. A whole lot of kiting to avoid being blown up.
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Payaso temple fight:

1) Do all the drugs
2) Shoot Gurn with a sneak sniper to start combat
3) Rocket launcher into the mob
4) Get in cover (the benches) and use smoke grenades - it's only fair!
5) Called shots to flamethrower backpacks - boom
6) Keep healer alive and in the back - yes many of your guys will drop due to the damn pigs
7) Throw a decoy between the flamethrower guys and watch them torch each other - the decoy is the best
8) Never let Major Tomcat die you monster!
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If anything, I think the pigs should have their ap decreased a bit. That way you have more survivability and don’t get exploded in 1 turn if you don’t stop the flamers.
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I played through the Payaso temple fight a few weeks ago on SJ. It was difficult, but doable. I had to try 3 times before I succeeded.

My major tactics were:
  1. Pre-position, pre-position, pre-position! This was critical. I snuck people around into just the right places to do maximum damage in my opening salvo. It was critical to get my brawler into a spot where most of his AP could go into stunning things, rather than moving. (He's a two pump chump, so he has extra AP early in the fight).
  2. Lots of aimed shots in my opening round to limit enemy accuracy and movement.
  3. Just say yes to drugs.
  4. Sneak rocket launch to open the fight.
  5. Decoys! I used 2-3 in the fight, and I doubt I could have won without them. They took a lot of heat off my squad in the enemy's initial 2 rounds.
On SJ I managed to finish with (I think it was) 2 deaths during combat, both of which I revived during the combat, so everyone was alive at the end.

Tough... but fun! I don't mind the explody pigs, just to introduce a different dynamic to fights. Once you know what to expect, you can plan for how to deal with them. I could see a case for toning down their movement rate a little, but you can also gimp them with aimed shots and cryo grenades.
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