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Forum Rules

Post by Brother None » March 22nd, 2012, 8:59 am

This forum operates primarily on common sense, just don't do anything stupid and you should be fine. When in doubt, refer to these rules. They may be updated and changed at a later date.

Rangers and global moderators are not affiliated with inXile in any official capacity and do not represent or speak for the company.

Do not disturb the peace Trolling, flaming etc. will get you banned.

These forums are all about discussing ideas That can get a little heated, but keep a lid on personal attacks. They will be removed, as will threads that are clearly intended to annoy people/incite negative responses.

Post threads to the right sub-forum Post on the correct forum, and try to make sure your topic has not been brought up before. When in doubt, use the Search function.

New threads must have content Do not post threads with just a link to a google moderator idea or a single throw-away line. If you're opening a discussion, open it with content and style. Similarly, "+1" and "This." replies are not ok.

Use the Report button Do not call people trolls, or attempt to backseat moderate. Report posts you consider out of line.

Moderator decisions are final If you have a problem with a decision, PM the moderator or a super-moderator. Ignoring a moderator's instructions or "restoring" removed posts is an automatic warning and - if repeated - a ban.

Do not multiple post or bump up old threads Use the edit button to add content to your previous posts. Do not bump up old threads, unless you're adding something substantial. Do not bump your own threads. Do not quote from locked threads to continue the discussion elsewhere, either, threads are locked for a reason.

No illegal activities Do not link or discuss illegal activities, including piracy, but also materials like pedophilia/bestiality and its ilk.

No offensive content Since this forum is open to the general public, do not post pornographic materials or other offensive content.

All posts must be made in English

One account per user Registering multiple times will see all your accounts banned. Contact support if you have issues with your existing account or other questions, or wish to appeal a ban.

The rules apply equally to anyone. Citing Kickstarted pledges and pledge amounts is meaningless.
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