Acid attack survivor. / Landmine victim.

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Acid attack survivor. / Landmine victim.

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I think the game should include a NPC acid attack or landmine victim to shed some light on these topics. The party could gain experience by performing plastic surgery or creating a prosthetic limb.
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Re: Acid attack survivor. / Landmine victim.

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No disrespect intended at all, just merely postulating it as a thought for you OP: what is the point of it, and what can be achieved out of it? Again, I stress that I'm not saying this with scorn. Highlighting the issue only serves to bring out the contrivance of it. Note that I'm not against the idea, but, as in the LGBT thread, my opinion is that it should not be written into the story just for the sake of. The character should be integrated into the flow of the narrative, not the other way around.

Furthermore, there has to be a motivation for this to even be a concern for the player. Certainly it can't be something as trivial as "Give me plastic surgery and I'll tell you where to go next", or a cliche like "Oh woe it is to be me!" for the argument that it contradicts social Darwinism. I can't imagine why this should be a concern for the player at all, which is why I asked you that question.
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