Poorly balanced ammo availability vs. random encounters

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Poorly balanced ammo availability vs. random encounters

Post by alcaray »

It was not too hard to get stuck early in the game if you went exploring and kept getting attacked and couldn't find ammo.
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Re: Poorly balanced ammo availability vs. random encounters

Post by rakenan »

Well, the power of melee in the early game (before energy weapons) was massive, so running out of ammo in the early game was potentially not too serious. Plus, even late game, the Proton Axes were sweet.

That said, I don't think actually running out of ammo completely is a good idea. Unless civilization truly collapses entirely - and in Wasteland 1, it didn't - there will be people making ammo. It's not an outlandishly complex process. I'm fine with the player potentially painting himself into a corner where the easy/cheap supplies of ammo are gone, and the encounters don't supply enough profit to buy the more expensive stuff that's left. I'm less fine with just having the game say "Well, that's it, guess you're not using those guns any more."

Legacy tech like power packs for energy weapons would be more likely to have a strictly limited supply, of course. It's just standard firearms using propellant mixes that are widely understood that should be available in unlimited supply. One thing I did like about Fallout 3 was the urge to carry some semi-obsolete weapons around with me so I wasn't wasting scarce ammo and wear and tear on expensive and hard to maintain high end weapons on random raiders and mole rats. It might be a useful tactical decision whether to spend time and risk injury beating a foe with normal firearms, or use up part of your limited supply of energy weapons to beat the same foe quickly - or even to be able to beat it at all.
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Re: Poorly balanced ammo availability vs. random encounters

Post by CanadianWolvie »

It would be nice if the game had a Armorer skill you could give a character, so that they know how to maintain and make ammo for firearms, perhaps even conferring a bit of bonus if they made their own specialized ammunition. It should have some sort of synergy with a Firearms (general) and especially a Firearms (specific class of weapon) skill. From what I can recall, Wasteland 1 did allow for some interesting fidelity in the skill sets.
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