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Learning Curve

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I accidentally discovered Fallout on a demo disc from PC Gamer way back in the day. Ever since then, I've been hooked on that series and the broader post-apocalyptic genre. As I'm sure we all know, there is have been great (WL, F1, F2, etc.) and horrible (F:BOS - Sad to say I bought this; F3) and it's clear that Brian F. gets what it takes to make a good RPG game in this genre.

I've looked at a lot of posts and I haven't found this particular slant yet, so I'll add it to the pile.

I would love if Wasteland 2 had a similar learning curve as Eve:Online. I'm a long time player and I know that the game has a number of ongoing issues but the most important part for that game is it's HARD to play. It's scares a lot of people away from it by how hard it is, but I tell you - once you "get it" - it's really hard to stop playing (Yes, I realize that qualifies as an addiction but hey - everyone needs a vice. :-D). F1 and F2 (more so) was exactly the same. I distinctly remember fighting my way out of Vault 13 and trying a number of times to get out safely. Yes it was hard, but the Introduction to the story was so captivating that I literally would have kept trying to get out for 2 days if that was what it took.

It's that effort I've had to put into those three games that make them "worthwhile."

It's been said in here before - I don't want to be lead around by my nose so I get this game done and move on to the next. I want to find a "Cat's Paw" magazine in some burned out house and wonder for most of the rest of the game - "Is this thing worth anything?" only to find out is it.

To sum up the rambling:

1.) Make this game irresistible to get into. Capture the players attention from the first second they run the game.
2.) Make this game progressively really hard.
3.) Make the difficulty worthwhile.

To sum up my Eve:Online learning curve I present an old "Learn Curve Graph" found in the depths of the "Internets"


Make it like that!

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