JA2-like crafting system: yay or nay?

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JA2-like crafting system: yay or nay?

Post by kraze »

So here are my arguments in favour of this (well unless you already agree duh):

Not only it will make gameplay more varied and make various would-be crafting skills make sense - but it has a place in a world which is a wasteland where people have to use left-overs of civilization, so why not craft some additions to them?

Now I don't ask for some ridiculously MMO-ish crafting system where you need to grind and waste several tons of stuff to craft a ring, but look at how it's done in Jagged Alliance 2. Essentially in JA2 you don't craft armor and weapons (it doesn't make much sense for a soldier in a field to turn bunch of a junk into some gun with superstats, do you agree?) but you craft smaller stuff that adds to your equipment in one way or another.

In Wasteland it would be good to craft explosives or better optics for your marksman's sniper rifle, or better recoil dampener for your automatic rifle. And because they are hand-made they can have some penalties too, aside from bonuses. Like handmade explosive may have a higher chance of blow up at the wrong time if timed or additions to weapons may increase the chance of misfire or jamming.

At the same time it should be kept simple. Just 2 or 3 parts per item to not overload the game with junk for no reason.

The end result will be that you will be able to customize your combat group even further, but a new item won't mean better item. It will just let you add to what your soldier and equipment is lacking in your opinion, while sacrificing something he doesn't need - again in your opinion.

Oh and imagine the modding potential for this, post-release.

Please post your yays and nays.
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Re: JA2-like crafting system: yay or nay?

Post by Jack4L »

Would honestly have to say that JA2 is probably the worst example to give of a crafting system. If its going to be that basic and simple, just leave it to a character interaction like in FO2, atleast then you have a chance to read some interesting dialogue every now and then.

Ultima 7, was the best crafting system I ever encountered, where you did simple things in game that amounted to equally simple but satisfying things. If you can't see the things coming together and its used to hide content, then I don't see why it should be in the game- like with Fallout 3.

More modern settings have a harder time with making crafting seem feasible, especially in a time with factories and ready made products. Personally think the repair skill in FO was a great example of "crafting" done right in such a setting- wasn't something that just gave you more grenades to throw in game, but it was a tool to make your character stick out in the world if you wanted that.
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Re: JA2-like crafting system: yay or nay?

Post by Lexx »

Crafting should be done like in Arcanum.
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Re: JA2-like crafting system: yay or nay?

Post by Nark »

Lexx wrote:Crafting should be done like in Arcanum.
This would be great.
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