Lesser of two evils

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Lesser of two evils

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Don't let me choose the righteous path and have all of my goodie-two-shoes decisions end up at a rosy ending. Mass Effect is really bad this way. You do everything towards the Paragon archetype, and everybody's all smiles by the end of the game. In real life, you act like a saint and you end up pissing a lot of people off.

Did you just bring law to a wasteland town by toppling the local warlord? That's great!...while you're there to act as the new power-broker. What's going to happen when you move on to tilt at the next windmill? Maybe they'll starve without a leader to keep them organized. Maybe someone else is going to move in, and things will probably be worse than ever, and that warlord you killed just happens to be the new guy's brother, who now has people out looking for you.

You never see any of that with modern games. Good deeds do not always equal good results.
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Re: Lesser of two evils

Post by Oesophagus »

I think Brian Fargo made it quite clear that they don't want to have a explicit good/bad dichotomy. I hope we get quest like Junktown was originally going to be, where the seemingly good course of action results in a not-so-great outcome
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