Dynamic Quests/Missions

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Dynamic Quests/Missions

Post by JakBot » March 15th, 2012, 4:46 pm

Hard to go in to any details not knowing how the game will play, but:

While I'm sure everyone here hates the general idea of trying to hide the lack of content in games by adding mindless dynamic content, I´d still like to have dynamic missions in a controlled environment. Get your squad sent to take care of a randomized problem somewhere. When everything else is done it the game or you just feel like honing the skills of your characters or are in need of money/ammo, you could go requests missions from someone or have a sort of noticeboard from where to take on missions before advancing in the game itself.

When playing I always have this little fear inside of me that the game will end too soon and dynamic content can be a solution to this. I'd want it to be apparent though, so no random people having random problems which you think are real quests, but in the end turn out to be just a random fetch or kill X missions. Not sure if there are plans to add a Fallout type map where to move, but if so: for example spawning a location in that map filled with some type of enemies to take down and then it would disappear after you return the quest.

And of course none of it should be done at the cost of real quests.

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