Evil Protagonist

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Evil Protagonist

Post by danvolodar » March 15th, 2012, 12:41 pm

Okay, I've searched the forum, and think this deserves its own topic.

Please make the choices in the dialogs not just tough, far-reaching, impacting the world, and not morally black-and-white, please give the players an ability to play and actual evil, malevolent protagonist. Not the stupid-evil archetype, you know, the obnoxious and childishly spiteful (like, say, Renegade Commander Shepard), but actually evil - like evil Nameless One or his Pragmatic Incarnation.

A couple of examples of what I mean. Suppose, you have two warring villages vying over some resource both want, and both have a right for it in a way. So, not only should you get a chance to hand the resource over to one or another, or help them overcome the differences and share it, but also to use their hostilities to grab power/wealth/slaves/what have you from them. Suppose, you have an armageddon-grade WMD - instead of just handing it over to the guys you think to be good, or destroying it, you should be able to grab it for yourself, and blackmail everyone into accepting you as a ruler. And so on, and so for.

I'm not saying I like playing malevolent protagonists, - say, playing evil Nameless One made my soul curl up and cry, - but it's an experience, and what are roleplaying games here for if not getting new experience?

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