Scouting/Reconnaissance/Outdoorsman Mechanic

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Scouting/Reconnaissance/Outdoorsman Mechanic

Post by Quanti » March 15th, 2012, 10:40 am

Something that I would love to see in Wasteland 2 would be a use for scouting/outdoorsman/tracking skills that would allow the player to scout or observe a location from afar-

Maybe if you find a pair of binoculars, you could view a certain town or area if you were close enough to it on the map, and based on your elevation and a skill check, you could find out things like: visible defenses, possible hostile combatants, points of interest, unusual events/features, etc.

Long range weapons go along with this- in isometric turn based games, you usually just cant zoom out far enough to account for the real life effective range of an accurate rifle or rocket launcher. I don't know if trying to account for things like this in combat would even be worth it, but hey, it sure would be cool.

I would also like to see things like travel time, encounter warning/rate, and health/nourishment affected by your scouting/outdoorsman, etc. skills.
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