Make a functional save system (multiple suggestions)

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Make a functional save system (multiple suggestions)

Post by Vryheid » March 15th, 2012, 6:55 am

A lot of this just seems like common sense to me, but apparently this isn't the case because I have yet to find a single RPG that gets the save system completely right. A poor save system can have a huge impact on the level of enjoyment a player gets out of the game. A save system needs to be flexible, easy and quick. These are just a few things the devs should be doing to make an excellent save system which is functional for the player:

1. Give us unlimited save slots. I like to know that if my party gets screwed over by some game factor that I couldn't have reasonably prepared for ahead of time, I can always go back to a prior save instead of having to start the whole game over again. Fallout 1 is a perfect example of a classic RPG that really could have used this, as the limited save slots discouraged people from making more than one or two save files per character. Players who saved after coming out of the Glow inevitably discovered that their whole party would die off over and over again unless they had already loaded upon otherwise useless rad reducing items. That's not fun or challenge, it's just bad save design. Another reason we need lots of save slots is to give us the ability to revisit important boss fights and other important key moments without starting the game over again.

2. Let us save anywhere. "Save points" are just another way for RPG devs to say, "our game isn't long enough, so we're gonna hit you up with a bunch of cheap deaths so you have replay this huge section over and over again". People love the ability to exit and reopen the game at any time, even during combat. Since this is mainly a flaw with JRPGs I seriously doubt that the devs for Wasteland 2 would even consider adding artificial save limitations, but I'm just making sure.

3. Separate save folders for separate characters. I don't understand why more RPGs don't do this. Organizing save files for Arcanum or Fallout 3 was a complete mess because you would end up with one massive wall of hundreds of saves with no easy way to distinguish which characters belonged to each file. It got even more ridiculously confusing if you decide to routinely switch between multiple characters- you would end up with this disorganized, intertwined maze of save files that was impossible to navigate if tried to look through them later. Multiple save folders are very helpful in reducing the impact of this issue.

4. Give us useful save names. Not "Save #146", and not just the date and the time either. Something like "Character name- location - date" would be sufficient. An example could be "Vryheid- Base Cochise - 3/15/2012". Better yet, we should get a quick sidebar displaying our level and stats every time we select a save file. It should be easy to recognize how far we are in a save file without having to actually load the game.

5. Autosave. Please. It isn't even that hard to implement- F5 to save, F6 to load. This should be mandatory for all modern games.

6. Do not have a confirmation box every time we want to load the game or add a new save. This is another weird quirk a lot of RPG devs still love doing. It reminds me of those annoying administrative permission popups you get on Windows all the time if you don't have UAC disabled. If we didn't want to save the game we wouldn't have entered the save menu in the first place.

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Re: Make a functional save system (multiple suggestions)

Post by eternality » March 15th, 2012, 7:04 am

Vryheid wrote: 1. Give us unlimited save slots..
This. Nothing is more annoying than having to overwrite or delete savegames because there is some totally arbitrary limit.

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Re: Make a functional save system (multiple suggestions)

Post by madmax » March 15th, 2012, 11:33 am

It would be great with an additional auto save feature that silently aut osaves every x minutes and rotates between y different saves.

I use this in Fallout 3 and have my game saved every 5 minutes. It creates suspense since if I die (which using Fallout Wastelanders Edition makes real simple) I loose up to 5 minutes of achievements (perhaps an entire round of very difficult combat). I don't exactly how far ago that was so I don't know what I could be loosing. This really sharpens my senses and makes it more fun to play.

But as long as this game is modding friendly, someone will make this feature for sure :)

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