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Posted: March 15th, 2012, 1:34 pm
by Jasede
I tried, but it has already been reported and you can't report the same thread twice.


Posted: March 15th, 2012, 2:22 pm
by Tanglebones
Jasede wrote:Are there no moderators in this forum? Why is that guy allowed to make one troll topic and post after the next? This kind of music is a sure fire way to ruin the entire atmosphere and tone of Wasteland and Fallout. I praise Deity that most of these bogus ideas will just be ignored.
That you don't agree with an opinion does not necessarily indicate that the poster is a troll. With a large and diverse community coming together to offer suggestions, there are going to be some offered that you don't agree with. That's fine. You get to express your opinion, and make your arguments just as much as the other guy does... and then, we leave it to the devs, because they've shown repeatedly that they know how to make a good game...

Returning to the actual matter at hand, I'm a big fan of New Wave (The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, etc), and I'd love to see some New Wave-ish music appear in game (iirc, the original WL actually had a class of opponents named "New Wavers" they looked like Ausir's avatar, if you've seen him around here). I'm hoping for an 80's ambiance to WL2, and I think that music is an important part of making that happen.

Viz. encountering live music and/or radios. The original WL had a live show (I think it was dancing girls), and there was also a jukebox. If you bumped into it, some punks would say "Don't touch that jukebox, I want to hear RATT again" (I think the band's name was RATT)... I'm just mentioning these to point out that the precident is in the original, and adding music in instances like that can really contribute to the mood of the game, just as the sort of "western" themed songs in FO:NV contribute to its mood.

My biggest concern here is with licencing, because that can eat into a budget pretty severely... and... I'd be worried that someone who was willing to donate their music to the game would be crap.