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Censorship or Graphic Malfunction or Intended Design?

Posted: September 5th, 2019, 10:28 am
by RangerTeamEcho
Hello there,

Initially i was hoping to experiment and resolve this issue myself, but then I realized there is no way for me to find the answers without feedback from others. Have you realized that certain revealing clothing & underwear cosmetics are accompanied with a 'surrounding black or undershadow' area'? Like for example, the only default female ranger G-String type panty is Fem_UndWear_Legs_G. The actual underwear is green but there's some discoloration or undershadow all over the character's butt.

I have tried to search this particular topic, but i cannot determine if this is

A. erm.. part of censorship (personally i do not think so because look at female top underwear : Fem_UndWear_Torso_D is a transparent bra, and you can even opt to make the female character go bra-less by removing the item code from top underwear. i was not pervo enough to test this on bottom underwear to see if she could 'go commando'. I suppose so.)

B. because of my obsolete graphic card. Without posting, there's no way i can tell if this was just affecting me. Some sort of malfunction.

C. intended design. Maybe this was how it was designed to be. the 'shadow' effect i mentioned seemed just to be a dark layer on my screen, very much like the tattoo effect on some male ranger heads. just that, with the g-string i personally feel it looks quite horrible like she got the reverse-effect of a very badly sunburnt ass while wearing briefs, before she decided to put on the Gs.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

No offence to any female rangers out there. I used Fem_UndWear_Legs_G as an example in this topic thread, but i may have also encountered this issue on some male sprite underwear. Also, i did not post this under technical, because i am not certain if it were a graphical glitch.

Re: Censorship or Graphic Malfunction or Intended Design?

Posted: September 6th, 2019, 7:10 am
by Gillsing
Both male and female models have dark grey default underwear for their crotches. For some actual underwear, the default underwear then shows up in areas not covered by the designated underwear, which I think only applies to certain female underwear.

I think male heads also sport default hair that does the same thing: It shows up for some hairstyles where the guy should have no hair, but instead has some default hair, possibly/probably in the wrong colour.