Saving Action Points? (How does it work?)

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Saving Action Points? (How does it work?)

Post by Dr_Nomz » September 29th, 2018, 9:54 am

Right, so I haven't played Wasteland 2 in a few years now (it was great) but one thing I felt was really odd were saving action points.

When you end a turn, how many of your unused action points are carried over? How many can you save? How do your stats determine AP and all that?

If there's a thread with all this info, feel free to link it here, thanks!

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Re: Saving Action Points? (How does it work?)

Post by Gillsing » September 29th, 2018, 10:55 am

Apparently 1-2 AP saved gives +1 AP next turn, while 3+ AP saved gives +2 AP next turn.

Stats that determine AP:
3 AP by default
Coordination: +1 for every full 2 points
Strength+Speed+Intelligence: +1 for every full 4 points total

For combat effectiveness you'll want a very high Awareness, since every point of Awareness adds one point to Combat Initiative, which doesn't just determine how quickly your Ranger gets to act, but also how often that Ranger gets to take a turn. Which means that Combat Initiative generally has a bigger effect on total Action Points over time than the Action Points stat. And since Speed is the attribute that gives both Combat Initiative and Action Points, that is generally the best combat attribute.

So for maximizing combat effectiveness you might go with this attribute allocation:
Coordination 2 +late levelups (starts with +1 AP, ends up with +2 APs at level 40)
Luck 1
Awareness 8 +2 early levelups
Strength 2
Speed 10
Intelligence 4 (+ Strength 2 + Speed 10 = 16 -> +4 APs)
Charisma 1
Action Points 3 (default) + 1 (from Coordination) +4 (from Strength+Speed+Intelligence) = 8 AP
Combat Initiative 5 (default) + 8 (from Awareness) + 5 (from Speed) = CI 18 -> one turn every 30-18 = 12 seconds)
8 APs every 12 seconds = 0.67 APs per second
Switching out point allocations between Coordination and Awareness for more Actions Points every turn gives 11 AP every 18 seconds, which would be 0.61 APs per second.

In the second part of the game there is a common trinket that can add +3 to Combat Initiative while deducting 1 AP, plus a single unique trinket that adds +5 to Combat Initiative while removing 15% from Evasion. So with Combat Initiative 20 and the unique trinket, such a Ranger could get a turn every 5 seconds, which is more than twice as often as this starting Ranger. Both of these trinkets work much better for Rangers with high Combat Initiatives than for Rangers with low Combat Initiatives, as the higher you go, the bigger the impact of each point. If it was possible to get Combat Initiative 30, that Ranger would act all the time I guess, since it's totally possible for one Ranger to get two turns in a row.

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