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Leadership skill gives bonux XP?

Posted: October 4th, 2017, 4:30 am
by Gillsing
Since I started using a Leadership Ranger with the speed and initiative to keep up with my killer(s), I noticed that this particular Ranger often gets bonus XP when combat ends. But I never see it mentioned anywhere. I assume that there's some interaction with level of Leadership, because at level 4 the bonus could be 12 XP, while at level 5 (+2 from trinket) the bonus appears to be counted in 10s. But there isn't always bonus XP, only sometimes, and not always the same amount. So maybe Leadership only gives bonus XP for fights where other Rangers actually benefited from the bonus, and hit something when they otherwise would've missed? In an earlier, now abandoned playthrough, I calculated that the Leadership Ranger got 50 extra XP for a fight against two infected people. 50 extra XP for a 70 XP fight. That's pretty significant. And it's not the usual Charisma-bonus XP, because none of the other Rangers get any different XP for combat, even when they have different Charisma.

Mystery solved: It appears to be the usual XP reward for using a skill, based on the skill level, with added Charisma bonus (+50% for Charisma 10), stealthily applied every time Leadership prevents a recruited Ranger from going rogue. So rowdier recruits should mean more bonus XP for the leader. I think I suspected this last time I played, but never looked into it, and then forgot about it.