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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by PrzeSzkoda »

Ausir wrote:Indeed, but with a project like this, it's better to have a professional translation done by a team of people who also happen to be fans than to have a crowdsourced translation done by lots of fans some of whom happen to be professionals. Just like it wouldn't make much sense to crowdsource all the programming on the game to the fan community, even if many of them happen to be professional programmers.
Tru dat.
lordfrikk wrote:Yes, definitely a valid point. It might not be a bad idea to multi-step the translation process, first stage being crowd-translating, second being putting a small team of professional translators from the among the fans to go over it and the last optional stage would be getting suggestions/reports from the whole community on the translation. I think it could work pretty well if organized accordingly.
Not really, to be honest. Making a messy, chaotic translation coherent requires 150% as much work as translating from scratch. And the results are always (and I do mean always) worse than actual re-translation.

It might be a viable tactic if the localization were to start only after the game's release, not during development, and it'd take a looo-ooo-ooong time even then.
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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by northrop »

Ovocean wrote:I (sadly) doubt amateurs will do a good enough translation job on well written dialogues with caustic humour.
All your base belong to us :twisted:
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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by Zirilim »


The idea is really good and I would love to be part of this game localization...(In french) But it means read and understand all (or even part of) the game' story before the release, that is not possible !
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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by Review Board »

Being a fellow games translator colleague, I am 100% with Ausir and PrzeSzkoda on what's been said so far re the localisation process.

I do not think that crowdsourcing the translation is a good idea (even if post-edited by professionals, which would be a nightmare) because as they say "too many cooks spoil the broth" - so 2-3 translators per language team sounds good (the fewer the better). With good planning the localisation doesn't have to be rushed but can start well before the release is in sight.

I appreciate all the fans who are committed to helping in the translation process and I know how good and important fan-subbing projects etc. are but at the same time it has to be said that to pay professional translators (or "waste any resource on localization" as it was described earlier :) ) does not cost the earth.

Very important will be - and I am confident that inXile are fully aware of that - to create the game with localisation in mind right from the word go ... something which in this day and age has still not got through to some devs I worked with :evil:
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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by lordfrikk »

I am afraid I didn't express myself properly. The stage 1 crowdsourced translation wouldn't be post-edited by the stage 2 professional translators. They would be translating the game from scratch, but the stage 1 translation would be available to them to skip laborious tasks that require little to no knowledge of English, e.g. translating the menus and options doesn't require high-level of English. Lots of the tediousness (translating similar or identical phrases or sentences) is filtered by using an adequate CAT software but some tasks require human touch.

Whatever happens I wouldn't worry about bad translations. Definitely agree that the localization (non-official) should be done post-release, though.
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Re: Crowd-source localization

Post by Oesophagus »

I'm a fifth year English philology student from Poland, reporting for duty
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