Strange bug with burst shotguns on PS4

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Strange bug with burst shotguns on PS4

Post by Uglymug » May 28th, 2017, 1:22 am

So I have a character using shotguns as thier primary weapons skill. Throughout the game, if you open right trigger menu and select the topmost "attack" option, a cone appears and you can position it as you want.

However, once you hit California, you start to get shotguns with a burst-fire option. And on PS4, they seem to have broken implementation. If you open right-trigger menu and select "Burst Fire", no cone appears, the character fires immediately, and the game seems to treat the burst as if it has NO AoE. It only hits the primary target, not enemies that would clearly be in the cone if it was centered.

So what gives? Is there some interface trick to get burst shotguns to behave properly on PS4?

Note that I only tried this with the Jackhammer - not sure if Over-Under or Spas are behaving similarly.

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