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Charisma and Luck

Posted: May 3rd, 2017, 1:03 pm
by Madae
Are these still fairly useless? I mean, I get that Luck does add some bonus crit, so it's not all bad, but what about Charisma? Is it worth it to make 1 character high charisma, or all characters average charisma? Or is it worth just dumping altogether? I want the leader to, naturally, be a leadership focused character, and I'm just curious what a good charisma level is for that.

Also, the 3 speech skills; I probably shouldn't focus on all 3, I'm guessing? Not enough skill points? I'm guessing some characters will be more prone to accepting different tones.

Re: Charisma and Luck

Posted: May 3rd, 2017, 10:05 pm
by Drool
Different points have different checks against the various ass skills. In my current game, I have a PC with Kiss, an NPC with Smart, and I'm not bothering with Hard. But there's plenty of NPCs with the skills, you could easily fill out that with them.

Re: Charisma and Luck

Posted: May 4th, 2017, 1:12 am
by Crosmando
I usually dump Charisma and Intelligence on all starting characters except 1, and on that guy I max out Charisma and Intelligence and give him leadership and 4/5 non-combat skills. Important thing is though, don't try and make that CHA/INT guy do ALL of your skill work, this won't work out in the long run because XP requirements for levelling up increase exponentially, make sure you give 2 skills (1 weapon skill + 1 non-combat skill) to your 3 other characters (the ones you dumped CHA/INT on).

Then again though, you can finish the game with pretty much any type of party.

Re: Charisma and Luck

Posted: July 22nd, 2017, 5:54 pm
by eolsunder
Charisma is vastly excellent when used on non-combat characters. It is great on your leadership character because of the bonus/aura, but also with the 50% boost in non-combat experience. It isn't useful on combat characters though. If you make up a skill character, someone who starts off with 10 intelligence and 10 charisma, 1 in all other areas except 4 in strength (for carry). You have a character who can quickly level up and max out 5 starting skills, which is very useful at the first half of the game. Combat in the early areas isn't super hard, your 2 gunners and the companions can easily handle any problems. Put on skill-use skills that give experience using them, and ones that you use a lot (lockpick, demolition, computer science, brute force, etc) and not only will you level up skills fast with 10 intelligence, you'll level up your character fast with 50% exp boost. All those quests, skill checks, will quickly add up over time pumping your non-combat characters up fast. Not only does this raise your non-combat skills, it allows you to bypass those skill checks fast without the constant quicksave/quick reload. Once those non-combat characters have their 5 or so skills at high level, they can start picking up combat skills in assault rifles, snipers, etc for later in the game. Even non-combat characters with tons of other skills can be viable shooters with maxed out weapons. They will also quickly raise those shooting skills fast because they already have your useful skills maxed.

I always have 1 "leader" and 1 "thief" with all non-combat skills, 10 intelligence and 10 charisma, and later in the game when my gunners and companions are level 30-35, my leader is 40, and my thief even higher, both of them with maxed sniper and energy weapons. No brainer. So no, charisma isn't useless, it's useless on a combat character, it is extremely amazing on a non-combat skill character, pumping them up levels at high speed.