What games would you recommend to a Wasteland 2 and 3 fan?

For all Wasteland 2 discussion that does not fit elsewhere, suggestions, feedback, etc. No spoilers allowed.
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Phantom Doctrine is kinda like a spy noir discount X-Com. I liked the premise, and for a while I liked a pretty different game mechanic in there up until the point that I'd seen all of the elements in it enough times to recognize them being recycled, but still the idea was pretty neat. Wouldn't mind seeing something similar developed in another game.

I honestly am still on fence about Wasteland 2 (almost finished on PS4, DC version) and based on all the massive bugs and constant crashes, I don't think I'll be getting the third unless they've fixed all the crap they seemingly willingly left unfinished in 2. So trying to base any suggestion on this game would be difficult.

Whereas Xcom and Phantom Doctrine are like, base management games with tactical turn based combat segments, these kinds of RPGs seem to be mostly fantasy oriented, so if you didn't like Divinity the only other game that comes to mind immediately may be Shadowrun. Not as fantasy based, not fully dystopian future either.
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