Finally finished Wasteland 2

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Finally finished Wasteland 2

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So I was a backer but for various reasons I never got around to completing the game when it was released. I had my first child and got a demanding job, to mention a few reasons. But I began playing the game again last year and yesterday I finally completed it! I will not write a review but I would like to share some of my impressions. Note that I didn't make notes whenever I thought of something during the game, so this is just of the top of my head as I remember things right now. I am 34 years old and grew up playing mostly console video games, but I played a lot of PC as well, notably Fallout, Arcanum, Baldurs gate and some other PC rpgs and strategy game. As an adult however I am not playing that much anymore but I love when I see a game that captures my interest (Wasteland 2 was one of those games).

So here are my thoughts. And yes, I am aware that the funding/kickstarter thing probably placed a lot of limitations on the development of the game.

+ It was really nice to play a top down open world RPG again.

+ The high point in the game for me was the conversation with Mathias at the end, where you are forced to contemplate from where the rangers derive their authority and why their killing to achieve their goals is justified. This was emotionally a climactic point for me and just the kind of dialogue I expected from the game.

+ Character creation was fun, altough I didn't feel that the primary stats were as significant as they are in other games (for example, but not limited to, Fallout 1 & 2). I was OK with the skills and how they worked, altough I prefer character sheets were most or all of the skills are based on your primary stats.

+/- The music was great, altough I found it to be a bit repetitive. I have not checked this up but it seemed like it was the same few songs and loops playing all over again. I grew tired of the combat music pretty early. I think there should be different music for combat depending on location.

+/- Voice acting was somewhat of a mixed bag. I generally felt that the recruitable companions had great voice acting, while a lot of other voice acting was mediocre at times.

- I didn't notice much cause and effect in the game. The quests and the story wasn't very layered. It was more like, you go to location x and have few choices, and then you go to another place where you have a few choices. I didn't feel like it was all connected. On the contrary, I felt like the stuff I did only had a cause and effect within the location where I was.

- You realized pretty soon that most locations are small. This in conjunction with the above made me feel like the game was small.

+ I enjoyed combat, weapons modifications, available weapons, skills etc.

+ A lot of the companion comments were just hilarious.

- Various bugs, but that is to be expected from a PC game. Companions randomly attacking the air for the whole duration of an encounter. At one point I could not get past an encounter because everytime I attacked the damage done would just keep counting indefinately resulting in the next turn never happening (I had to load a previous save to get around this).

- I never quite did become friends with the camera. Sorry but I would have preferred a fixed angle and a world that is built around that.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience with good gameplay, but the game felt small, the quests felt small and I didn't experience any meaningful cause and effect. I hope Wasteland 3 will be bigger in all ways and that it will have more layered storyline, quests and cause and effect.
A Wasteland team is, by default, going to be much of the same team from the first two Fallout games, working on what is essentially a new installment of the Fallout series.
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