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Weird Combat Bug

Posted: September 6th, 2020, 4:28 pm
by rakenan
So my team is in the sewers in a (the?) fight with 6 Centron Deluxe, and I'm pretty much stuck. I get into combat, beat a couple of them, and then it says my team is not in combat and do I want to execute a combat round. So whatever I say, when I confirm, combat ends, I get experience rewards, and I'm out of combat. It shows me a section of outdoor desert, but my team is not there. If I have another group split off, I can change view to them, and when I change back, the combat with the full group of Centron Deluxe is back.

It goes fine if I am just advancing to melee range, but once I start actually attacking them, I get one round of combat and then dumped into this strange state. I can even camp to fully recover health (pretty quickly too since it shows me outdoors) but I can't win the encounter unless maybe I somehow manage to defeat all 6 of them in a single round, which is not happening any time soon. Especially since they are in 3 groups of 2 each.

This is pretty much a dead end in my game, since I think this is a mandatory fight to get one of the things I have to get from the sewer.

Is there a solution to this that anybody knows?

Re: Weird Combat Bug

Posted: September 6th, 2020, 5:04 pm
by Drool
That's certainly weird, yes. I'm not entirely sure what's going on there. Is your party getting knocked out? I'll point out this thread to Krome and hopefully they can sort this out.

Re: Weird Combat Bug

Posted: September 6th, 2020, 6:10 pm
by rakenan
OK, the problem seems to be caused only by having a character on a different map. It looks like the game is interpreting the party's position in the sewers as a location in the other party member's map. I have had the problem with one member outdoors (I often leave a party member outdoors so I can heal the party up relatively quickly by switching to the outdoors character and camping) and in the Mushroom Temple, but as long as all my characters were in the Sewers I could progress normally. Mostly normally - the location of the Centrons Deluxe had a loot bag that would not disappear even after I collected everything. I could select a character to pick stuff up, but the loot list was blank.

Is there a known issue of this sort when the party is split up in different maps when one group is in combat? My outdoors party member was able to fight normally even when the rest of the party was in glitched combat.

And no, my party would be entirely or mostly in good health when they glitched out. The game would ask if I wanted to do a round of combat with the outdoors party member, then regardless of how I dealt with him, when it returned to the other party they would be invisibly in the middle of the desert, able to do nothing but pass time or access their statuses. But if I switched to the outdoors party member and back to the party, they would show up back in the sewers with a fresh batch of Centrons Deluxe to fight. But having my extra party member in the Sewers prevented the problem, even if he was in a different zone of the Sewers.